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      They walked on down the lane; she pouted and swung her hat. Reuben, anxious to propitiate, picked primroses under the hedge and gave them to her.He began to be firmly conscious of a wish that Mrs Keeling would appear. Alices pale eyes were fixed on him with an almost alarming expression of earnestness. He took refuge in the pretty jesting again.

      Chapter 8

      "Simon Sudbury," answered Ball, with a look of equal defiance, and still deeper scorn"my dungeon doors obeyed the spirit of the free; and God alone can judge who is defiled, or who is pure""Yesback to her parents at Tonbridge"and Reuben grinned.

      "Not so fast, Master Calverley. Did you ever send in the direction of Dean Forest?"

      "But father won't be long now."


      Yes, sir. I think shell come and live here{45} with me, said he. Shes got work in London, but I dont want her to live there alone.Her voice suddenly ceased again, as if a tap been turned off by some external agency, and Alice wisely made no reply of any kind, feeling sure that in a minute or two her mother would begin to give vent to that faint snoring which betokened that she had gone to sleep again. That did not interrupt the flow of her ecstatic musings, whereas her mothers general attitude to all the novel institutions which were so precious to her gave her a tendency to strong shudderings. Only half an hour ago Mrs Keeling had said that she was sure she saw nothing wrong in confession and{100} would not mind going herself if she could think of anything worth telling Mr Silverdale about.... Alice had drawn in her breath sharply when her mother said that, as if with a pang of spiritual toothache.


      "Well, is it? I reckon it ?un't the last word on your wife."


      "My Lord de Boteler," said Holgrave, drawing the child almost forcibly from Margaret, "as I hope that my mother is a saint in heaven, the child is yours. I was a bondmanwas motherlesschildlessand I thought it would be no crime to make you, too, desolate!"